Our Values

We pledge to roast only the finest Coffee, from sources that align with our core values. We value freshness and promise to always deliver the best possible and freshest product to our customers. We are committed to a lifetime of learning and to continuously refining our products. 

We promise to take care of our Community. Our employees, our customers and our local Community at large are everything to us and we will continue to support them with donations and services. We are passionate about doing good locally for a global impact.

We are committed to our environment and we pledge to use only 100% omnidegradable packing, source organic beans, minimize energy consumption, reuse and recycle, compost and tirelessly work towards being an environmental champion in our industry.

about us

The idea of Altitude Coffee Roasters was not born on any specific date or in any specific place that we can remember – it was formed  through an intense passion for Coffee, through a desire to create something with our hands that can bring joy to others, through endless experimentation, a longing for adventure and never ending discussions about the bean and the drink we cherish so much.

Today we are still a fledgling but dedicated team of Coffee Connoisseurs with big dreams. We are proud to be small and local as it gives us the opportunity to work with like-minded businesses and individuals in our Community and serve only the best and freshest Coffee to our valued Customers.


The staff

Ryan, Jim and Thor are the founders of Altitude Coffee Roasters – pictured here at their very first Fundraising event for a new Public School playground.

Jim has been drinking Coffee for a mere 18 years but he is making up for it in volume! His favourite way to drink it: Iced with Thor’s Maple Cream. Jim prefers medium to darker roasts and is a big fan of our single origin Ethiopian offerings. His favourite blend to date is a combination of black and tan roasts of our Haba Hermosa.  Jim’s words of wisdom: “The whole Coffee experience is unique. There are so many variables and just changing the origin, roast, the way you prepare it will change your entire experience. Have fun with it!”

Ryan is our master experimenter. If he could, he would probably roast around the clock and he has roasted Coffee in ways you can’t even imagine.  He has an incredible 26 years of Coffee drinking experience and he loves a good Americano (although iced Coffee has been rocking his world lately). Ryan is also a big fan of our Ethiopian single origin offerings.

Thor has had a steady stream of Coffee flowing through his veins for the past 22 years and is rarely seen without a cup. Although his regular drink of choice is a pour over (Chemex) with just a dash of cream, he is also quite fond of Espresso and has been spotted experimenting with Cold Brew Coffee of late. Generally, Thor likes a light-medium roast but if he had to pick an all-time favourite it would have to be our Papua New Guinean single origin offering – Big Papua.



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