The idea of Altitude Coffee Roasters was not born on any specific date or in any specific place that we can remember – it was formed  through an intense passion for Coffee and a desire to create something with our hands that can bring joy to others. Our journey through coffee and business still fills us with  excitement. We are adventurists and experimenters. we live and breathe Coffee and hope that our product reflects our devotion to everything Coffee!  .

Today we are still a fledgling but dedicated team of Coffee Connoisseurs with big dreams. We are proud to be small and local as it gives us the opportunity to work with like-minded businesses and individuals in our Community and serve only the best and freshest Coffee to our valued Customers.

Meet The Roasters

Jim Hladish

When our coffee appears on your doorstep, chances are it was put there by this guy. Due to his insistence to continuously cup and sample our product and his refusal to spit he is able to do so much for us on very little sleep. Jim is the main man behind our Instagram and Facebook pages. He also delivers a lot of our Coffee, makes sure our retailers are well stocked, roasts, sells, does a ridiculous amount of charitable work and somehow still has the energy to be a loving husband and father to two little girls.

Ryan Parks

Meet Ryan – sometimes mistakenly identified as George Clooney – sometimes as Thor’s father (although they almost the same age). Ryan is extremely passionate about our coffee and even more passionate about the Altitude brand and the great things it stands for. Ryan has an extensive history in sales, and customer satisfaction is his number one priority. He loves to check in on Altitude customers and retailers to chat and find ways to grow and evolve and be the best we can be. Ryan is also our ideas man for merchandise. You’ll always find him with an extra large travel mug of coffee, which provides him with the energy to do all this while being a loving husband and father to two energetic young boys.

Thor Haelssig

Ahh the elusive Thor…always a million projects on the go. Loving husband and father to his energetic dog Freya, his bird Melvin and a whole flock of chickens. Thor has a long history of experimentation – enough random education that he should’ve had multiple PhDs by now and a long enough job history that he can dabble in just about anything. Thor is our wannabe Webmaster and graphics guy. He loves to roast coffee and refine and develop new blends. With over 15 years of experience as a financial planner and a mortgage agent, Thor takes customer service very serious. In his spare time Thor grows fruit trees and vegetables on his farm, ferments anything that can be fermented and dreams about being a self-sufficient hippie homesteader.


We have an amazing network of shops, restaurants and Cafes that sell and serve our (always) fresh coffee and a proven track record of running successful school and club fundraisers. We also have special programs in place for larger offices or businesses that would like to order greater quantities of coffee. The small nature of our business allows us to be flexible enough to meet all your needs. Drop us a line today for more information!

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